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Blue image


I'm using a Logitech Brio and I have a blue image every time I start SplitCam.
After investigations, it seems I have to enable "white balance" in the driver properties.
So ok, but it is not saved by SplitCam and I have to do it at every launch.
Is there any way to fix that?
Thanks for your help

ps: tried with other softwares, don't have this problem

Re: Blue image

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So, let's say it honestly : Logitech drivers are shitty.
I uninstalled some drivers and they were actually resetting the driver properties every damn time.
Thanks, Logitech.
No problem with splicam, I'm glad it's like that finally :)
So be aware if you use Logitech webcams, their drivers and softwares will make you mad.


Re: Blue image

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Thank You for your post!