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SplitCam with minimum interface

I want to use SplitCam with Zoom & Teams

I'm sort of ok with Technology! but my wife struggles

She's doing various meetings with Children & other non-adults with little or no ineterest or ability in technology

is it possible for me to Setup so that once set up she can just use Teams & Zoom without having deal with SplitCam application

ie. use SplitCam to provide a Driver as a WebCam

I've Searched the forums and Googled a bit but not helpful


Re: SplitCam with minimum interface

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Sorry it's impossible, SplitCam Virtual driver not working without interface.

 But you can configure your SplitCam only first time , after, it will be work automaticly. 
Just choose in splitcam what you need  like a webcam screen and etc., after save project.
Go to Zoom and choose in video setting SplitCam Video Driver and you will see splitcam into Zoom.
 If you reeboot pc you just need to start SplitCam and Zoom , you don't need to configure something else.