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OMT-lider TOV ?!

When i want to install SplitCam there is a software certificat from « OMT-lider TOV » that is not detailed in tutorial! I found this disturbing.
Any lead? I try to find intels on that but... nothing!

Re: OMT-lider TOV ?!

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Hello MrPatate

OMT-Lider TOV it's our company name.

The window you see with this name when you install SplitCam it's EV Code Signing Certificate by

EV Code Signing provides a higher level of trust in the software by ensuring that the information about the software developer is accurate and has been verified with the utmost care.

Extended Organization Verification involves a stronger method of verifying more data about the software publisher, which eliminates any falsification.

Instant reputation verification with Microsoft SmartScreen filter removes warnings to users that an app might be malicious.

If you want read more about EV Code Signing Certificate, you can read here :

Re: OMT-lider TOV ?!

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You should talk about it in your tutorial?!
The use of software on video is very... delicate for security reasons.

Thanks for your precisons.