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Camera stays on when virtual device not in use?

I recently discovered Splitcam and I’m very impressed.  I tried SplitCam as a virtual video device for use in MS-Teams and this works perfectly.

Only thing I wonder is that the webcam is activated continuously, even when SplitCam is minimized and there is no video activity in MS-Teams.  I know from other virtual video devices I tried in the past (like e.g. ManyCam) that, when minimized, the camera is not activated. Only when a video call is ongoing in MS-Teams the virtual video device switches on the camera.  When the video call is stopped, the camera goes off also.

When using SplitCam as a virtual device, I must manually launch SplitCam every time I start a MS-Teams video call and I have to manually shut down SplitCam when the video call is over.  Otherwise the camera stays on all day.

Am I missing some setting, or is this behavior not possible with SplitCam?


Re: Camera stays on when virtual device not in use?

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Sorry with answer delay.
Yes splitcam work till you finish it. Another way you can go to splitcam and pause camera or click on eye near camera to disable it.