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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Splitcam command consule accept more than 1 argument
Last post by Navjot Singh -
I'm trying to set a video file in Splitcam from the command line, but it looks like there is no straight forward way to do so, when I try to open a video file using -v [video file] option, it does not persist on starting up again (primarily because I kill the process corresponding to Splitcam to quit).

Another issue is that I do not want Splitcam to show it's banner at startup. I'm running Splitcam from the command line and it looks like it only accepts one argument at a time. Is there anyway to open Splitcam.exe while providing more than 1 argument. I want to open Splitcam with -open v [file to video] and -open a [open without ads]. Currently it seems that it only accepts the first argument and ignores the second.

If Splitcam would have a config file which I could edit that it'd read from, that would've been great!

Any ideas how I can achieve this goal. Is it possible to have the video file location inside the Splitcam config file and just open Splitcam with -open a ..and have the video already there.
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Latest 9 Iteration
Last post by rhme -
Hello, Love Splitcam, used it since v4 on XP.  I was wondering when version 9 will be released?  I must have an early version, setting just gives message box.  Love the new queueing windows across the bottom.  On thing I likes from the previous versions is the ability to drag and drop videos from windows explorer or Google Picasa in the video source bucket.  Nice job look forward to a release. RH
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: Splitcam resolution
Hello Missy

We recommend to stream with resolution:  1280x720.
Also we have new version for webcam model with multi-stream function , we can give to you for test and if you want we also can teach to work with new splitcam ( for free ) , if you interest please contact to us by skype : jack-px

Thank You
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Splitcam resolution
Last post by Missy -
Hi I would like to use your software to splitcam as a webcam model with chaturbate and bonga cams but I need to stream in hd 1080x920 on splitcam what is the best resolution to set please and do i need to then set the same on the site I am streaming from many thanks
Last post by Luki Rompis -
i wonder if we can run splitcam from the command prompt.

what i want to achieve is, i want to create a batch file that will execute these commands:
1. open splitcam
2. select source from still image
3. apply changes

is that possible? i'm currently using windows 10 64 bit version btw :D