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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: problem with "preview" aka floating window
=( I'm still having the same issue and it's hard for me to work without seeing what 'm doing. Any solution?


After the most recent update, I've no longer had the ability to use the floating window on one of my computers. This is a problem for me personally because I use this feature all the time. I find it rather convenient and it is a unique offering this application (which I've recently discovered and love) has that others I've tried so far do not.

I'll attach a screen shot. But, basically when I click the minimize button in splitcam the window minimizes and no floating Window appears. When I click Splitcam in the bottom start bar it appears to have two windows but one is not visible.

ANY HELP is greatly appreciated. I've been using this feature all the time and this is my new favorite must have application for streamers//content creators//anybody using multiple camera sources. 

i fix this issue, when you see to windows splitcam the program and the one that doesnt work like on your screenshot do this open the taskmanager , click on more details, find splitcam and you will see that it has an arrow on the left click on it now it shows you the 2 windows splitcam and the preview one ,right click the preview one and click maximize once maximized to full screen resize it to your liking that will fix it

This didn't work for me =(