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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: Unable to stream in 1920x1080
Canvas resolution and stream resolution are different settings. You need to adjust both the resolution of the canvas and the stream. Also in the latest version of splitcam, a quick canvas resolution setting has been added.
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: Can't share Website with movement
Hi, yes, it occur, because Window not redraw windows, wich go out of screen. You can solve this problem, using browser source. In SplitCam browser you can open web pages, scroll it, click and open pages to play video. This available in latest version.
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: Проблемы со SplitCam
Добрый день. SplitCam, после закрытия, уничтожает все созданные окна. Попробуйте проверить, не остается ли программа в System Trey (стрелочка вверх, справа внизу, где видны фоновые приложения). Если нет, советуем проверить компьютер на наличие вирусов.