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FEATURE REQUESTS AND SUGGESTIONS / Ability to Capture a Region of a Computer Screen
Version of SplitCam allowed one to capture a portion of a computer screen and use it with other applications.  That feature was eliminate in version 9 and now in version 10.  I wish SplitCam would return that option to their program as I find using either full screen capture or Window capture to not be an acceptable replacement.

Jack Huerkamp
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: CDirect Show - Problem on line 3391
So V8 and V9 are no longer supported.  And I was told to install V10.  But from what I can see, there is no way to capture just a part of a monitor - just the whole monitor.  With V8 one could capture all or part of a monitor screen.  Is partial monitor capture possible in V10, and if so, how is it done?

Jack Huerkamp
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / CDirect Show - Problem on line 3391
My W10PRO machine just did an update and when I start SplitCam V8.1.4.1, I get the subject error.  The reason I use this older version of SplitCam as the newer versions do not allow capturing a portion of a monitor window for use by other programs.  That is what I need instead of being able to capture the entire content of a monitor.

I have tried removing SplitCam, shutting down and restarting the PC and re-installing SplitCam - same results.

What does the subject error mean and how do I fix SplitCam V8.1.4.1?

Jack Huerkamp
I am using V8.1.4.1 and can easily capture an area of my screen for broadcasting.  I just uploaded V9 of SplitCam and cannot figure out how to capture a portion of the desktop window.  I click on the Video tab.  I then click on the Desktop tab in Video Sources.  Next I select Desktop from the list (just below Full Screen), but I am not provided a way to capture just a portion of the desktop.  What am I missing?