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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / BUG: Global hotkeys registered even when disabled

i am a software developer and as such i need to use kind of exotic key combinations.
Unfortunately some of them are the same as SplitCam's global hotkeys.

Well after i realized, i disabled them in the settings and the problem was gone... i thought.
But after SplitCam is restarted the global hotkeys are again registered, even though they don't do anything and remain "off" in the settings.
I need to toggle them on and off again to actually unregister them.

Greetings Fino;
Hi there!

It would be great to have a crop feature for added layers.

For example: I Want to have a live stream of a webcam filming the control panel of a machine.
But the camera has a much larger view area than what i want, plus it needs to be rotated.
So now i have a very ugly rotated box, which is pointless overlapping my other content.
(See attached screenshot)

So if there was a crop funtion, i could simply select the area i want to be shown and crop the rest. <3

Greetings Fino;
FEATURE REQUESTS AND SUGGESTIONS / Panning should consider rotation angle
Hi there!

Currently, when a stream is zoomed and rotated and one uses the pan function it pans as if the stream was not rotated, which makes it very difficult to control.

The pan movements should be translated using the rotation vector, so mouse moves do actually move the video in the same direction as seen on screen.

Greetings Fino;
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Failed to load library "onnxruntime.dll"
Hi there,

i just found SplitCam and i'm really hyped!
It can do all i need & want...

... except, if there wasn't this BUG:
When i attempt to activate certain effects (eg. "Remove Background") the app freezes and crashes shortly after with this in the log:
17:21:37 Creating dialog "Layer Effects" at (938, 152) of size 1076x672
17:21:41 ERROR [0x000000C1]: Failed to load library "onnxruntime.dll":
17:21:44 Restart camera.

I found this file with another application on my PC and tried to copy it to the SplitCam folder, as well as the SplitCam/libs folder, but it did not solve the problem.

Any ideas? How to fix this?

p.s. i have this: Version for Windows 10 (x32) - SplitCam v10.5.62