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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Nvidia Nvenc support or other GPU usage?

does the latest splitcam version (10.5.12) use gpu ressources at all, to traffic video data (as output source for input into skype)?
Does it support nvenc or other gpu-based code, to decrease the load on the cpu?

SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: Recording to hard disc: failure
Thanks for your reply.
I by now updated my Windows 10 32-bit to the 64 bit-version and it works a lot better.
Also I changed the power options and it does work fluently now, despite the old pc. Recordings are now possible up to 40 seconds, which is enough for my tasks.

But: is it possible to change the settings for recording via the stream options? Are ther more options for recordings than in the "settings" menu?

SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Recording to hard disc: failure
could someone look over the following recording-problem and try to help me solve it, please?
Especially: Which better settings for my system do you suggest?

The Problem is: When I try to record video and audio to my hard disc (HDD, 650 GBs free), I get an error message ( see below) and cannot record more than 6 seconds. Also, sound is missing.

My System is:
Windows 10 Pro (20H2), 32-bit,
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 7400 (2x 2,8 GHz),
RAM: 8 GB DDR2 Ram (800 Mhz),
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 730 (2 GB RAM), driver:
2 Webcams of different noname brands, both running with Windows-driver: 10.0.19041.964
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA EP 43-DS3

I use SplitCam Version 10.5.12 and these are my settings:
General: Canvas: 1280x720, fps: 30, Second Layer /PiP: 640x480 @30 fps, Microphone: iRig MicCast HD
Recording: same 1280x720, fps: 30

Restreaming parameters:
Audio Encoder: AAC at 128 bits
Video Encoder: Software H.264, Rate Control: CBR
Video resolution: 1280x720 @ 30 fps
Preset: "very fast", with keyframe at 2 secs,
Profile: "high", 2500 kbits/sec
Tune: "zerolatency", Buffer size: 2500 Kb

Error Message:
"An error ocurred during streaming: Queue packets exceeded limit video encoder = 363. Average packet processing time = 51 (msec). Please check your streaming parameters. The most probable reason of this type of error is extremely high processor and meomry load." (Suggestions to change the recording and streaming parameters follow.)

I already unsuccessfully tried changing (inclusive saving, closing and restarting Splitcam in between):
- fast encoder preset first to "superfast", then to "ultrafast", both times with keyframe at 2 secs,
- chose the "baseline" profile and lowered its bitrate to 250 (!) Kb/sec,
- tried different "Tune" presets, with its buffer size once at 2500 and then at 5000 Kb

Can anyone suggest adequate settings, or tell me, what the problem is, please? :o

Thanks and Greetings,